The long weekend didn't turnout as bad as I exptected. I was able to finish some of the pending work that I've been keeping pending for a long time. However, I need to get started on my second school for R1 as soon as possible as there are barely 20 days left and I haven't even started working on the application yet!
My only hope is that I have the outline ready for my first school so I shouldn't have a very tumultous start!
Though I have the material ready for both my recommenders, I didn't talk to them yet after getting in touch with them initially a few weeks back. First thing next week, I need to get this done. Apart from all this, I am eagerly waiting for the QS MBA Tour that's going to take place in Chicago next week. I have been contemplating about European schools offlate and hopefully QS MBA tour turns out to be a productive one!


  1. Sirji, Gaadi mein brakes kyon lagaa diye?

    Looking forward to learning what happened after this post.

    - Sameer

  2. It's good to know your updates and plans for MBA as well as wishing you all the best for your QS MBA Tour next week.

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